Mirboo North Post Office - credit: Zac Porter



Skyhydrant Installation By Local Rotary Cluster

Jul 2023

The second SkyHydrant has finally now thankfully been installed and is operational in the Barangay (village) of Tapodoc, Philippines.

Our local Rotary Clusters' project was for the installation of 2 SkyHydrants, with the first being installed in the Barangay of New Eden (more than 1 year ago) The 2nd was for this village in the Muslim area but due to continuing violence, the installation has been delayed.

Peace will now hopefully be a continuing factor and our SkyHydrant delivering clean water will benefit all.

The photo was taken by our installation team of 'Balay Mindanaw' which shows the happy recipients. The Chairman of the village indicates the poor quality of the water that was available prior to the SkyHydrant . Though the sign, says thanks to RCs of PI&SR, Inverloch & Wonthaggi. The $10,000 donation was however raised by all Clubs in our cluster. This also includes Leongatha, Foster and Korumburra.